5 Instagram Tools We Use To Help Grow Brands

While Instagram may not be a new medium, every day more and more tools are appearing to help grow and enhance your Instagram feed. As a business, this platform is huge for increasing brand awareness and finding new leads. Interacting with other brands and your followers also helps create an air of authority for your brand, which is a great use for Instagram too. We thought we’d share the five tools we use when creating and posting our Instagrams.




Do you ever struggle with keeping your Instagram theme consistent? We use the tool UNUM to help us visualize what is going to fit in with our brand’s theme. In the app we like to edit, rearrange, and draft posts. This is great for seeing the bigger picture of your Instagram theme, especially if you’re a visual person. You can upload photos into the app and arrange them according to what looks the best. This is perfect for working on your Instagram theme and making sure each photo flows well with the others. While we mainly use this tool to curate and organize our Instagram content, there are tons of other uses. You can track which hashtags are performing the best, and their scheduling feature will send you a reminder for when to post. It’ll also tell you which times of day perform best for your audience. This is a handy little app to have in your Instagram arsenal!


2. Canva

Canva is one of our go-to tools for an on the go social post. This is a great option if you’re not a graphic designer and need to create eye-catching content for your social calendar. If you upgrade to a premium account you can upload brand logos, color palettes, and more, so that they’re easily accessible when creating a post. This is also a good app if you need to add text over your photo and there are tons of layout options to choose from. A great feature of Canva is their many free image options. If you don’t have access to Shutterstock or other image sharing websites, you’ll enjoy the free content. We love using canva when we’re in need of some Instagram inspiration. Pro Tip: Canva just unleashed snapchat geofilter templates!


5 Instagram Tools We Use To Help Grow Our Brand | The Wright Touch
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3. Buffer

Buffer is an intelligent scheduling tool for social posts. It helps you pick the best times to post your content as well as holds insight to how your content performed. We use Buffer to schedule everything social media, from Facebook to Pinterest. So it would come as no surprise that we also use it to plan out Instagram as well. Hopefully one day Instagram will release their API and allow us to post directly from Buffer, but until then we’ll settle for the push notifications for when to post.



Every Instagram needs a little extra oomph if you’re going to rake in those likes and follows. We use VSCO to edit our photos before we post. This is a free editing app that allows you to edit your photos exactly how you want with their advanced camera controls. This app is perfect for the inner photographer in you or if you’re new to photo editing. They even have a bunch of great and easy presets you can use for free, and you can buy more once you get the hang of it.


5. Focalmark

Focalmark is our favorite tool to use for hashtags. This is a tool that generates relevant hashtags for your Instagram content. It’s very intuitive and easy to use. All you do is choose what type of content your Instagram is, the location of where your content was, and what type of camera the photo was shot on. A lot of the time only one or two of these options are relevant, so don’t fret about filling it all out. We love this tool because it helps enable us to engage with relevant audiences. It’s currently being revamped so it seems like every day it’s getting better and better.


Not listed, but one of the most important tools we use are the Instagram’s Business Account features. By making your account a business account, you can analyze insights on followers, scheduling times, and impressions. This is really important to utilize so you can make sure you’re improving and adjusting your strategy as you go.


These tools are great at helping us up our Instagram game. We know everyone has different preferences, so what Instagram tools do you use to utilize your brand account? At The Wright Touch we want to help you succeed in digital marketing. Contact us here for more information on how we can grow your brand.

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