Brand Development

The brand strategy defines what your company stands for, the position you take in the marketplace, and the character you convey. This begins with creating a logo and design for the brand along with messaging for both a wide audience and specific verticals. The brand positioning that The Wright Touch will help solidify, will set the company apart. From there, the brand identity will emerge to form the brand image, communicate the brand message, increase brand awareness and build brand loyalty. This process sets the stage for the evolution of branding the company as a leader in its industry through a solid brand strategy and integrated marketing plan. Branded assets can also be created to further the brand including business cards, envelopes, and any other material needed.

Graphic Design

Through compelling graphic design work, we visualize concepts and bring ideas to inspire, inform and captivate consumers. Our experiences graphic design team develops the overall layout and design for various marketing initiatives, including print and digital collateral.

Campaign Ideation

An integrated plan comprised of strategically selected channels, allows us to reach the target audience at significant points in the buyer decision, adoption and purchase cycle. It’s crucial to have integrated campaigns that reach the target audience at as many touch points as possible, especially because the competitors will be doing the exact same thing. Additional benefits of integrated marketing include the following:

  • Integrated campaigns ensure that the right people are getting the right messages at every touch point.
  • Multiple touch points to potential clients allow for maximum exposure of the brand to increase the chances of eventual conversions.
  • The repetitive nature of integrated campaigns helps increase success.
  • Ongoing integrated campaigns grow an audience that recognizes the brand and follows the content and messaging that is pushed out in a real-time effort.

Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing brings consumers into direct contact with your brand through experiences. Why? An experience activates memory and emotion in a much more profound way than traditional advertising can. There’s no better way for your target audience to connect with your brand than to interact directly with it. And given the importance of that interaction, your brand experience must be executed flawlessly. We help develop experiences that are unique, impressive and memorable.

Content Development

The Wright Touch builds a content strategy and plan to support the overall marketing objectives and channel strategy. The content marketing piece of the strategy is the most integrated service as it will support the various channel objectives. The content calendar will drive the timeline for The Wright Touch to strategically create and publish the content on the website and distribute through search engine marketing while using the content to consistently optimize the website. Types of content include, blogs, white papers, case studies, photography, custom images, online press release, infographics, interviews, email marketing and more.

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