Brand Assets and Collateral Production

We activate your brand through the use of collateral materials that enhance your business and communications plan. We design and produce the visual representation of your company and brand. From trade show booths to corporate brochures, we make sure your brand remains strong and consistent to integrate all brand assets into a concise and consistent message.

Event Production

We manage the creation and development of large scale events such as conferences, ceremonies, formal parties, concerts and conventions. We study your brand, identify your target audience and determine the event’s concept, planning the logistics and coordinating the technical aspects before actually launching the event. We manage and produce events of all sizes from an internal product activation to a corporate conference.

Public Relations

Public relations is a key component to raising public awareness of a company’s story, value proposition and overall brand. We anticipate, analyze and interpret public opinion, attitudes and issues in order to counsel our clients on internal and external initiatives, including marketing; financials; fund raising; employee, community or government relations and other programs. We work with closely with corporate management teams to craft a clear and concise corporate narrative and to develop cohesive messaging to addresses the strengths of a company, its values and other key attributes that differentiate it from its peers. We deploy through various communications channels, including select media relations engagements with influential journalists, impactful industry conferences and high-touch digital assets. We also coach our clients’ spokespeople through one-on-one media training and rehearsal to ensure they are properly trained and prepared for external engagement.

Premium Incentive Products

Whether you are looking for a corporate gift for a client or your employees, or creating a loyalty program, our goal is to give each one of our customers a customized experience. Our philosophy is to provide great customer service and the most innovative products at competitive pricing. Our company is capable of handling large scale programs yet flexible enough to fulfill custom needs.

Strategic Partnerships

As part of our services, we offer premium business alliances. With a thirty year history of aggregating a diverse group of influencers, The Wright Touch has a proven track record of connecting the right professionals to form mutually beneficial business relationships. Services include: creating business alliances and strategic collaborations with key people, establishing and building strong and effective networks, and accelerating business growth through the use of strategic partnerships.

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